Google Vs Apple Battle to Become Even More Intense

Google Vs Apple Battle to Become Even More Intense

Google and Apple have consistently been in a fight, as the two organizations have been contending with one another in the portable OS fragment. Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS have been two of the most famous and fruitful working systems in the versatile world. Very soon, this fight will be taken to the following level when Google presents various new equipment items, the vast majority of which are relied upon to run on Android OS.


The report from Wall Street Journal says that Google is dealing with various new equipment items to have the option to ‘coordinate’, if not go up against the new equipment gadgets that Apple is relied upon to offer. These equipment items incorporate Apple TV, Apple iWatch and as it were, the new Apple iPhone also. On the off chance that you are considering how Google intends to coordinate these items, the appropriate response is straightforward – make comparable items that are better in quality and adequately valued.


To give us an insight about what Google may be taking a shot at, the WSJ likewise gave out a rundown of future items as demonstrated as follows


  • An Android-based gaming console like the OUYA game support
  • A wearable brilliant gadget, for example eWatch Test (smartwatch) that can associates with cell phones by means of Bluetooth
  • another Google Nexus Q, which will be preferred and less expensive over the main gen form
  • another lightweight form of Android OS
  • another cell phone from Motorola – Google X Phone (included by us, not WSJ)


The Android-based game comfort will help grow the range of Android games to buyers who need to play them at home. The Google Smartwatch and Apple iWatch are both expected to be like the Sony Smartwatch that permits you to associate with your Xperia telephones and effectively get to essential highlights like messages, SMS, contacts and so on.


As referenced in the above rundown, Google is additionally expected to concoct another form of Android OS that will be intended to speak to ease gadgets for developing markets. The WSJ likewise said this new form of Android could be utilized in notepad PCs just as home appliances like fridges.


At long last, we go to the X Phone, the primary genuine item, that will be the consequence of Google and Motorola cooperating. The Motorola X Phone (or the Google X Phone) is relied upon to be a cell phone that will adjust force and execution alongside a very decent battery reinforcement. Furthermore, this X Phone is relied upon to be the contender that the Apple iPhone 5S should confront.


The fight between cutting edge Google and Apple gadgets is going to start.